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Guiding services

Birding Languedoc guiding services are available to help you discover this new and little known Mediterranean birding destination in southern France. Over 40% of the birds in western Europe can be seen in this area. Jacob van de Weele, a well respected ecologist from Holland, came to the area in 2014 for the first time and now returns every spring.

Jacob: I am surprised by the bird species you can see here and also by the numbers. I have never seen so many rollers, great spotted cuckoos and bee-eaters in one day before!

Come and explore for yourself and discover this great new birding destination, and at Birding Languedoc we will do all we can to help you make the most of  bird watching on our local patch.
You can also check out the Birding Languedoc calendar for our Day trips and programmes of scheduled outings organised in the area by various birding and natural history organisations.

Nothing beats going out with a local guide… and we work with the best local guides!

Guiding rates

Rates range from 250€ per day to 450€ per day. Half-day rates are also available.

The rates vary because some of the guides we work with are professionals and earn a living from this activity, others are passionate and experienced birders with day jobs, but who have wildlife related projects we are keen to support by putting guiding work their way!

To arrange guiding and enquire about rates for larger groups, please contact Philippa by email or phone  +33 (0)4 68 42 82 56 or use the contact form.

We can also arrange guiding with local French guides including Dominique Clément from Aude Nature , Thomas Marchal from the LPO Hérault and guides from the LPO Aude. For weekend guiding in the coastal Corbières we also recommend independent guide Karline Martorell.

Where to watch… guides for bird watching in Southern France

Here are 2 downloadable guides which will help you have a better independent bird watching experience in the Languedoc.
These guides are published by the local Regional Parks: the Narbonnaise regional park in the Aude county and the Haut Languedoc regional park in the Herault county (see below). In each guide you will find:  a selection of the best birding hotspots with species lists by season, accommodation suggestions and an overview of other things to see or do in the area.