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Why choose Birding Languedoc?

…because our aim is to help you have a better bird watching experience “chez nous”!

Birding Languedoc is a small Anglo-Dutch team based in the Languedoc area of southern France (see our photos below!).
We are part of a not-for-profit organisation called La Nature du Sud, helping to fund local birding and wildlife projects.
So to help you explore the area and have a better birdwatching experience on your own, we provide the following services:

…for our unique combination of local guides and English speaking tour leaders!

  • The best local guides with years of  birding experience in the Languedoc and all the latest information
  • Our English speaking tour leaders are passionate birders who live locally

…for our focus on customer service

We want to help!  Our focus is on you enjoying the amazing wildlife in the Languedoc.
So whether your have a question about traveling here, about what to bring, about vegetarian meals, about the best time of year to see migration, or about organising a trip for your club or a group of friends, just ask us and we will do our best to help!

…and of course, for our commitment to the local wildlife


Maurice Riekert, has been passionate about birding for over 20 years and since moving to the Languedoc in 2012 he has discovered the fabulous opportunities for birdwatching in this area. Bilingual in Dutch and English with fluent French, Maurice specialises in leading tours in the northern part of the Languedoc and is a licenced inbound tour operator. He is particularly interested in raptors of all shapes and sizes.


Philippa Benson is a keen but more recent birder and has lived in the Languedoc for over 10 years. She has been involved in developing birdwatching trips to this area since 2013. Bilingual in English and French, Philippa leads tours mostly in the Narbonnaise area and is also interested in developing wild flower holidays as the Aude boasts nearly 90 species of orchid. The local dragonflies and damselflies are her latest hobby.


Together, by combining our birding knowledge and organisational/hosting skills, we can help you discover one of the most exciting new birding destinations in Europe.

Please contact us if you have any questions about birding in the Languedoc!